II. Vyas and Ganesha

Ganesha entered Vyas’ hermitage with great excitement. His eyes gazed around for some traces of Modak but the hermitage of one such as Vyas would not allow much hope for sweets.


Ganesha: I hear you need my help. What can I do for you?

Vyas: I have a story to narrate and I was wondering if you could help me pen it down. I have a whole set of latest Parker pens ready for you.

Ganesha: Oh sure! But I don’t need the pens to write. Do you see this broken tooth? Lord Parshuram said that one day you would address me to write something of massive importance and I should write it with this.

Vyas: Then I feel this is the best time you put this broken tooth to use. By the way, isn’t this broken tooth a result of his attack itself?

Ganesha: Yes. He broke it because he got angry when I stopped him from meeting my father as he was deep in meditation. Later, he felt bad and stated that this broken tooth will do something that this world will thank for eons.

Vyas: I am sure! The story that I wish to narrate is of this magnitude and the world will inherit wisdom from it till eternity. This is the story of my people, my sons and great-grandsons. It is long, it is vast and it has everything that bothers humanity.

Ganesha: OK! I will write it but on one condition. You will not take a pause while narrating this story. If you do, I will stop writing that moment itself. I don’t want that story of your family be hampered by your human prejudices.

Vyasa: I agree! But you promise me that you will not write anything unless it makes sense to you. It is pointless if it does not appeal to the divine.

Ganesha: I agree. Let’s begin!


Vyas began to narrate the story. This story was called Jaya, which means Victory. Later, it came to be known as the Great Story of India or The Great Indian Epic – Mahabharata.

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