Ques. Did all this really happen?

Ans. I don’t know and it doesn’t matter to me. In fact, I believe it should not matter to anybody. What matters is the learning that one derives from the Epic. Would the lesson have more meaning if I could prove it with an original piece of Draupadi’s celestial sari?

Ques. What made you write this blog?

Ans. With every successive reading/viewing of this epic, I saw my understanding evolving. I felt the need to retell this Epic in a manner that is reader friendly and provides the complex information in the simplest form, especially to the people of my age. There is a lot to know, learn and introspect about and moreover, it’s entertaining.

Ques. Why did you choose the title – The Great Indian Epic?

Ans. It is simply the English translation of Mahabharata Katha. I feel lucky that this domain name was not used by someone else.

Ques. What is the source of information for this blog?

Ans. A number of books, articles, blogs and movies on Mahabharata and Hindu Mythology. Extensive discussions with friends, family, colleagues, teachers and even strangers further influenced my understanding. The original inspiration is, however, the B.R. Chopra TV serial.

Ques. What do you wish to accomplish through this blog?

Ans. A high reader-base that is motivated to think and introspect on the real-life situations keeping the wisdom of this Epic in mind.

6 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. I really like your blog, well done! And now I need your advice 🙂
    I am looking for an unbiased version of the epic. But not something like Ganguly’s which is huge and literal.
    I’ve already read two short english versions of the epic –
    1) Jaya : Devadutta Pattnaik
    2) Mahabharata : Ramesh Menon

    1) is an attempt at being unbiased, but is too short and misses out on a lot
    2) is the correct length (my opinion), but portrays the Pandavas as heroes and the kauravas as the evil villians.

    Would you know of any english language, non literally translated version which is also unbiased in its attempt?

    many thanks!

    • Hi Rahul,

      First of all, thanks a lot for your comments! 🙂

      Honestly, so far, I haven’t come across an unbiased version of the epic. In fact, I believe there will not be any version of this epic that will be unbiased completely as each story teller always tends to magnify ‘his’ heroes and disdain ‘his’ villains, if not directly then subtly. Even to my realization, Jaya is by far the most unbiased one but as you mentioned it is too short, indeed. Ramesh Menon’s version is beautiful too but I can understand when you say they portray Kauravs as evil.

      What you can start with is probably Ashok Banker’s series of Mahabharata. He plans to write 18 books on Mahabharata of which only 3 have released so far. It is highly descriptive, great in its details but you won’t realize the length as it is so damn interesting. In fact, it elaborates so many tales that we might not think are related to Mahabharata in any way but in fact they do as he explains.

      Let me know if you pick it and do describe your experience. For me, it was one of the quickest reads due to its sheer captivity.:)

    • Hi Rahul,

      A few years back, I was also looking for an unbiased version of the Mahabharat. Since I could not find one, I decided to do my own research and write one as a novel from the perspective of ordinary people who lived during Mahabharat. To me the hero of Mahabharat was Yuyutsu, the 101st son of Dhritrashtra. My book is called ‘Undesired Duty’. Since I live in the USA I have not been able to find a publisher for it. It is available on Amazon in India and several other countries in the world. I have kept it very cheap. In case you read it, please send me your feedback.

      Harsh Arora

  2. I want to know more about Shakuni… what was he as a child… his adolescence… his likes and dislikes…

  3. Hii.. I totally love your blog.. And the FAQ section was like a mirror.. I feel exactly as you do.. Please do visit my blog too.. epicologyblog.wordpress.com

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